WIBCA Members

We wanted to keep you informed on a couple recent decisions made by our Executive Board.

1. All State Games and post-season awards
We appreciate your input and those that did fill out the google form regarding All State Games and post-season awards. Using that input in our recent executive board meeting and with thorough discussion, we have decided that we will not be hosting an All State game or giving out post-season awards. With a high percentage of coaches responding that they are unsure how their own league post-season honors will be determined and that being a key part of our All State teams decision-making model, we are adamant that we cannot fairly, and to the best of our ability-objectively, determine the All State players/teams, Players of the Year, Coach of the Year and Mr. Basketball for 2021. While we are disappointed we cannot honor our seniors we want to make sure if we were doing so that the right players would be and that just cannot happen.

2. 2021 June D1 event
WIBCA, behind the strong efforts of Tim Gaebe, will not be able to host a 2021 June D1 event. Tim, along with Joe Harris and myself explored all options and possibilities, even trying to land the games/event in a state where it would be permissible to pull off (We cannot in Washington due to restrictions that our partner, the WIAA, must understandably abide by). We looked at two different states and explored all logistics of doing the event there but unfortunately, we just cannot meet all the requirements to host this event. We plan to host in 2022 back in Washington.

Nalin Sood, Executive Director