WIBCA for Social Justice, Diversity, Education and Inclusion

Specifically, to our Black student-athletes, Coaches, Fans and their respective families – WIBCA stands by you! The WIBCA is a group of diverse coaches from varying races and religious beliefs. We are one as an association but more so in our belief of fair treatment to all and zero tolerance of racism and hate. The recent death of Mr. George Floyd is sadly another episode that our country has a long ways to go in eliminating hate and discrimination against those human beings that make up our black community; a community that is comprised of pride, love, respect, success, talent and beauty. WIBCA has a strong belief that we need to wake up as a country, open our eyes and see the ugly face of racism and how prevalent it is. If one is silent, then they are compliant and WIBCA stands strongly in support of our black colleagues and the student-athletes we are so proud to represent.