International Teams
Playing In WA State

Please read carefully and comply with the International Tour required by WIAA handbook rule 17.25.0.

(Read Handbook Here)

Step 1:
Online sanctioning through the NFHS has been completed by the visiting team. NFHS sanction fees vary depending upon date of sanction. sanctioninq@nfhs.orq

Step 2:
Sanctioning through USA Basketball must be completed by the visiting team at least 30 days prior to your scheduled game.

Step 3:
$75 fee, required by the Washington State Coaches Association and must be paid prior to the scheduled game or tournament for each game to be played against a visiting team. For tournaments involving a visiting team, the host school is responsible to pay $75 for each game the visiting team may play (for example: $150 if two games are guaranteed; $225 if three games are possible.)

The notification also serves as an invoice.

Tim Kelly – WIBCA Tours Chairman
5811 66th Ave. W. University Place WA 98467
(253) 564-3059 home (253) 232-8018 cell

Payments also can be made through our online payment processing BELOW

When Steps 1, 2 and 3 have been completed, your participation as a host school will be confirmed and your team will be allowed to play a game against a visiting team, whether within the 20-game schedule or as a 21st game as allowed once every three years.

Host schools will receive a roster of visiting teams (which will also include any support groups and coaches), a trip itinerary, and a contact list of all schools on the schedule.

After the game or tournament: Please send the score of the game(s) and any appropriate comments concerning how the exchange experience was received in your community.

Tournament host must notify Tim Kelly of any school that played against the visiting team in the tournament and may collect the $75 fee from each of those schools.

Duties of the coordinator:

  • assists the international coordinator in developing a tour schedule
  • tries to match up teams by skill level, or school size, as much as possible
  • provides a full tour schedule to each participating team
  • provides a team roster of the visiting team
  • provides suggestions for the international cultural exchange (hosted team dinner, classroom visit, pep assembly, special half time recognition, etc)