WIBCA offers numerous benefits that will keep you on top of important, ever-changing issues, coaching trends and events within the State of Washington. Our support is focused on the student athletes and the men and women who choose to coach basketball and mentor as a profession. Many coaches believe the greatest benefit of being a member of a WIBCA is the building of relationships and sharing with other coaches to improve high school basketball.

Membership in WIBCA not only benefits you and your coaching staff, but it also benefits the student athletes that participate in our showcase events. We provide a forum for the kids to display their talents to local coaches and earn scholarships and awards that will help them succeed on and off the court.

WIBCA supports dedicated Washington high school basketball coaches through peer recognition that includes annual awards and our Hall of Fame. We also recognize student athletes that have demonstrated exceptional skills acquired through hard work and dedication. WIBCA understands the importance of acknowledging coaches and players that have shown a high level of commitment and a passion for the sport.

Coming together as a community of coaches we hope to shine a light on the student athletes and the dedicated coaches that work so hard to make the sport better. We invite you to become a part of our family and look forward to your contribution as a member of the Washington State Interscholastic Basketball Association!

To become a member of WIBCA any coach can do so by joining the Washington State Coaches Association. Membership in this association that is the parent association for WIBCA allows all coaches to receive a variety of membership benefits such as:

  • State Tournament Pass for All WIAA Tournaments and Selected WIAA District Tournaments for all sports
  • Liability Insurance Coverage of $1,000,000 to cover members while working a scheduled, sanctioned and supervised WIAA sport or event. Contact 1-800-257-4860 X757.
  • Your senior sons or daughters are eligible to receive WSCA scholarships.
  • WIBCA Hall of Fame eligibility.
  • Eligibility for basketball Coach of the Year awards.
  • Free admission to WIBCA Hall of Fame Banquet
  • Eligibility to coach in the WIBCA All Star games.
  • Enhanced professional growth to continue in the coaching field.
  • Window decal upon request.
  • Eligibility for publication in your magazine THE WASHINGTON COACH.
  • Coaching Clinics.

To join the Washington State Coaches Association please click the following link for registration