Due to continual complaints of participants not following masking guidelines, the WIAA in partnership with WSSAAA, WOA, WIBCA and WSGBCA is authorizing basketball officials to remove participants for improper masking compliance. The Governor’s Office and State Department of Health require masks to be worn over the nose and mouth at all times indoors. If an official sees a mask improperly worn, they have the authority to remove the player until the next dead ball. In an effort to avoid officials having to enforce compliance and disrupt the rhythm of games, we are asking coaches to be role models for their players, and athletic administrators to require compliance of their coaches and players.

In the past week, we have had more than a dozen requests to use non-certified officials due to a lack of officials. If officials are not feeling safe because of participants not properly wearing masks, there will be more canceled games as a result of the shortage. Just a few months ago we all pleaded with the Governor’s Office that we would do anything to allow our students to play. It’s time our actions match our words.