WIBCA 2016 Hall or Fame Inductees.

WIBCA is proud to announce our 2016 Hall or Fame inductees. Congratulations to our Washington High School Basketball Coaches and thank you for your dedication to the student athletes and the sport of basketball.

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

Westside 2016
top row: Bill Bakamus, Mike Downs, Tim Kelly, Al Kawashima, Pat Fitterer, Jerry Koester, Bill Hawk, Larry Hill, Scott Novak, Ray Cresap, Mike Mullen, Mike Lowery, Gary Wusterbarth
seated: Brian Roper, Dave Dickson, Roger DeBoer, Mike Anderson


2016 East Side Hall of Fame Inductees

Eastside 2016
top row: Gary Wusterbarth, Jim Thacker, Joe Harris, Dave Dickson, Pat Fitterer
seated: Darcy Weisner, Mike Hull, Mike Thacker, Bill Pierce

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