Fall Newsletter 2016

Hope that this finds you all doing well after a restful and relaxing summer. Obviously many of you spent time in the gym with your respective teams and programs, providing the positive experiences for your student-athletes that only high school athletics offer. Win or lose, the opportunities that you provide these young people will stay with them forever while help shaping them for the rest of their lives. The lessons of dealing with challenges and adversity instead of telling them simply what they want to hear, while rewarding and recognizing positives is invaluable to what they each will deal with later in life. At times, especially during the summer we are fighting many outside influences but know we are “fighting the good fight.” That all being said, we also hope that you found time for yourself and family. In reading a recent article on San Antonio Spurs and future USA Olympics coach Greg Popovich, there were several times in the article that Popovich alluded to family-first! This from one of the most successful coaches in basketball history! We hope you always keep that in mind. WIBCA has had a busy but successful summer. As you will see in this newsletter, there are many sectors that WIBCA continues be involved with. At our recent NHSBCA meetings, Gary Wustherbarth and I had the opportunity to collaborate with leaders from others states while also sharing what WIBCA is and what we are about (Gary has included a review of the meetings below). From these meetings, it again is very clear that what WIBCA does and what we are about stands out and is respected nationally. As we embark on the 2016-2017 school year, there will be many challenges ahead of us as an association but we look forward to tackling them and continuing to grow and get better.

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Have a great year!

Nalin Sood
President, WIBCA

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